Dogs and Cats are sexually mature at about 6 months of age, and will breed twice a year if allowed to.

Most people get a pet dog or cat for companionship, and not to breed and show them.

We recommend that all cats and dogs get desexed at 6 months of age unless you own a pure-bred show dog that you want to breed from.

There are many advantages to having a desexed pet

Dogs: Females will not come into heat or get pregnant once desexed, and if they are desexed at 6 months of age, they will not get mammary tumours (breast cancers) or endometritis (uterus infections). Nor will you have a litter of lovely pups that you have to say goodbye to at 6 weeks of age when you find new homes for them, or be left unable to find homes.

Male dogs will be more laid back and are less likely to get prostate problems.

They will still pee on every post though!

Cats: Are prolific breeders, and females should be desexed at 6 months or they will come into heat, get mated and have a litter of kittens – every 6 months! Once you have her desexed she will just laze around all day, waiting for you to play with her.

Male cats (tom cats) fight, urinate everywhere and are plain anti-social in their behaviour, but will turn into good domestic pets ( rather than feral semi-wild cats) once they are desexed.

We do day surgery every week day and you will only need to leave your pet with us for the day.

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