Xrays and Ultrasound

Tea Tree Gully Veterinary Hospital has a powerful xray machine that can xray the largest Rottweiller, or the smallest kitten or bird that we see, and provides us with excellent diagnostic xrays. We have an automatic processor and use the xrays to help the vet diagnose internal problems.

Most of the time we need to have your pet anaesthetised to take our xrays. This is for both the safety of our staff and your pet. We diagnose broken bones, intestinal problems and heart-lung disease.

Pets get the same age-related diseases that we do - -heart disease, kidney failure, diabetes, cancers.

If we can find these out early enough we can treat them a lot more effectively. 

We also have an ultrasound machine that is useful, as an adjunct to history and complete physical examination in certain diagnostic tests. It is really useful in dogs and cats that we think are pregnant, and help us know when the pups or kittens will be due.

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