Skin Problems

Everyone can see their pets’ skin and there is nothing more annoying than your pet sitting next to you on the lounge SCRATCHING incessantly.

There is a fine line between normal itchy-scratchy of a dog and cat and something wrong.

Generally speaking, if there is a fairly sudden change in the amount of scratching then you may have a problem.

We use a combination of History, Complete Physical Examination and skin scrape tests to best identify how we can help your pet.

Often skin problems are complex, with multiple causes and are managed rather than cured.

We have a Hydrobath that we use as part of our treatment of serious skin problems.

We can recommend an appropriate shampoo for your pet’s special needs. We use and recommend the Dermcare range of shampoos and have found them reliable and cost effective over a number of years. Our staff can advise you on the most appropriate shampoo for your pet.

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