Nasty little things, always the first to be accused when you see your dog or cat scratching. There are other causes of pets scratching—normal grooming, grass and seasonal itches and general allergies.

BUT Fleas are impossible to eliminate as they live in the environment for months without the need to feed on a dog or cat.

The same flea affects dogs and cats, and basically doesn’t like human blood. The flea is looking for a blood meal so she can lay thousands of eggs (that will all hatch into more fleas).

The bite is what causes the itch, and many animals can have an allergic reaction causing extreme itchiness and scratching long after the flea is gone. Because we can’t get rid of all the fleas in any environment, we recommend that you use flea control products at least in Spring and Summer even if you don’t see fleas; and Autumn and Winter if you have a known problem.

There are hundreds of flea control products on the market, some are very effective but a majority of them will only “aid in their prevention” not actually prevent them.

We use and recommend Frontline Plus and Revolution as they act in a number of ways to kill fleas and inactivate their eggs and larvae.

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