House Call Veterinarians

Horizon Palliative Vets

Good News Adelaide! We now have more options for veterinary care at home especially when considering end of life options.

Dr Kaori Takeoka and Dr Ana Carolina Springford from 'Horizon Palliative Vets' are available, providing gentle and caring at home palliative care. They work closely with us in order to offer the best care to our patients and their families.

They can be contacted on 0434 468 600 or for more information visit their website

Adelaide Home Vet


- Professional veterinary care in the comfort of your pet's home -

Dr Gregory Wright provides non urgent home care every day of the week.

Monday - Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 8am-12pm

After Hours Rates Apply - Saturday 12pm-6pm and Sunday 8am-6pm. This is especially helpful on Sundays!

To contact Dr Wright please call 0414 000 838 or visit his website

If you require emergency veterinary assistance we recommend calling SASH (Small Animal Specialist Hospital) on 8133 5300, 99 Rundle Street, Kent Town.

For more information contact us, or book an appointment online