Health Checks & Vaccinations


Dogs and Cats have a life expectancy of 10-18 years and Pocket Pets 5-8 years, so one year in their life is equivalent to about 5 or 7 in ours. A lot can change in that time and so we recommend that you see us once a year to have and annual health check for your pet.

At the annual health check your pet will have a complete physical examination by the vet, and you will have an opportunity to discuss any concerns about your pet. We want your pet to have the best life possible, and will advise you on diet, exercise, weight control if needed, and the sorts of things that you can do to improve their quality and length of life.

We want to work with you to provide you advice and options for your pets’ lifelong care.

We may recommend blood tests or xray/ultrasound examinations as a result of these annual visits.

At these visits we will be able to discuss the preventative care that is right for your pets. For dogs this can include, C5 vaccinations, intestinal worming, heart worm prevention and flea prevention. For cats we will discuss vaccination, flea prevention and intestinal worming.

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