Preparing your Pet for a Visit to the Vet

You can help your pet's visit to be as stress free as possible by doing a few simple things

Make and Appointment

Please make an appointment prior to seeing us to ensure that you and your pet can be seen with minimal waiting time. In case of an emergency you may of course head to us straight away, however, where possible it is still best to call us so that we can be prepared for your arrival.

Making an appointment is easy - simply call us on 0882653399 or book online via our website or Facebook page.

Preparing your Pet for their Visit

Dogs should always be placed on a lead before entering our Hospital. If you do not have a lead, we can arrange for one to be provided at Reception before entering. If you are concerned about how your dog may interact with others please let us know beforehand and we can arrange for you to have a private entry.

Cats should always be placed in a secure cage. As unfamiliar surroundings can be particularly stressful to cats, it is a good idea to cover the cage with a towel so they feel more secure. If your cat is particularly anxious, please call us and we may be able to help by prescribing some anti-anxiety medication prior to their visit.

Unwell Pets

If your pet is unwell and you notice a deterioration in their condition prior to your allocated appointment time, DON'T wait! Please call us for advice and we may be able to see your pet sooner.

For more information contact us, or book an appointment online