Selecting a Pure Bred Dog

There are several factors you should consider when selecting a breed. Getting a purebred dog means a reasonable guarantee of certain physical traits as well as behavioural ones.

Just like any big decision a good place to start is with some research. Decide on what type or group of dogs you are interested in and then go to some dog shows and meet the dogs as well as the breeders. Dogs SA is a great resource for upcoming shows.

Look carefully at your lifestyle and the dog's needs - you should select a breed that complements your activity levels and has a coat that you will be able to care for. Then there are things like considering the cost of that pet. Large breed dogs cost more to feed while smaller dogs like the Maltese need regular grooming which is an ongoing expense.

Make sure you meet both parents of any prospective pup you are going to buy, make sure they are happy, well balanced dogs that you could have in your life. A lot of a dogs personality is inherited from its parents. Try to get a dog from parents that have had a number of litters. This reduces the risk of some inherited diseases (like heart disease and elbow problems) and it means they have made popular pups. It also gives you some siblings to meet or ask about.

Be patient, the best breeders have long waiting lists for a reason and it’s worth the wait. If you have to go interstate to get your pup follow all of the same rules, go and meet the parents and the breeder.

Organise to get your pup as early as possible, 8 weeks old is when we recommend people pick up their pups. Early age socialisation and getting used to you and your household has been proven to create the best dogs. Once you have picked up your new pup get a health check early on to make sure your pup is progressing well and have fun! Its amazing how tough but rewarding a new puppy can be.

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