Dogs Eat Grass to Vomit

It's true that dogs will often throw up after eating a lot of grass. This does not mean they ate that grass to induce vomiting, or that it is somehow a sign of illness.

The origin of this myth is most likely due to an incorrect assumption by dog owners. People observed their dogs vomiting after eating grass and assume that they intentionally ate grass when feeling sick to their stomachs in order to make them vomit.

Why do dogs eat grass?

Probably because they simply like it! Enough grass in the stomach can create minor irritation and cause the dog to vomit. Some experts believe that a dog's taste for grass goes back to the days when a wild dog would eat the stomach contents of its prey (usually plants like grass and leaves). Regardless of the reason, it's relatively harmless as long as the grass is not chemically treated. However, if your dog is excessively eating grass causing chronic vomiting, you should probably keep him away from the grass and make an appointment to visit us in case there is another underlying issue.

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